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[20/01/2012] Shri. Oomen Chandy, the Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala inaugurated NRIPMI Corporate Office at Calicut.


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NRI-PMI has been formed based on various studies and meetings with various NRI communities for the past several years. Further, Fathima Healthcare Group under the leadership of Dr. K. P. Hussain is an eligible NRI Group showing much interest in the welfare of NRI community has conducted many meetings inviting eminent professionals and NRI well-wishers.


The vision or aim of this proposal is that every NRI shall feel safe and secure while working abroad and when returning to India for any genuine reason. Remittances from NRIs have been one of the major sources of foreign exchange earnings for India.

More than the above, our Indian economy shall be in the limelight by way of attracting more funds from expatriate population through legal channels. Repatriation of funds from India shall be reduced drastically.